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Help us help children grow to be exceptional young adults.


Our dedicated staff and teachers help individuals enhance their careers, quality of life, and economic opportunities. These unique community partnerships prosper through community based associations with schools, parents, students, faith-based organizations, small businesses, community leaders and major corporations. 


Together your generous donations will help benefit at risk youth, families and young adults by enhancing student learning and building family cohesiveness. Through Supplemental Educational Programs, after school programs and community technology innovation programs, these underserved communities will have the opportunites to experience positive economic growth 


How to help

A World Reach for Humanity Communities Missions, a faith based non profit, is position to bring academic technologies and humanitarian programs to school districts and communities all over the world, and our faith based organization is a dedicated and tireless advocate for all parents/guardians who want and/or require additional academic support for their students and young adults. Our community outreach programs are exceptional programs that demostrate a dedication towards working with students who are identified as at-risk, students with disabilities, and other underrepresented populations. We care about DREAMS for ALL walks of Lives.

Our shared community mission is to offer revolutionary means of addressing the challenges facing the education and medical communities. The benefits of encouraging active learning and allowing students and teachers, patients and doctors, from all over the world, to share innovative strategies to improve all lives. Our program actively empower young minds to think past what they see, and to deligently pursue what they can accomplish with hard work and dedication. They can dream and achieve their dreams. All things are possible through faith and dedication to one's mission.


After School Programs - State School district Certified

Our after school programs called, Supplemental Educational Services, (SES) have been working in communities for over 15 years and is a Calfornia State Certified program. Our programs are innovative in that they are NOT homework based, but address the day time school learning environment, thus our programs resemble what students are taught in the classroom, but the student uses their creative talents to learn, and our programs use various tools, academic learning materials and settings to teach our brilliant students. 


Please help us support A World Reach for Humanity Communities Missions     

A World Reach for Humanity Communities Missions services are all formed to greatly benefit those who have a great educational need. Our caring outreach team welcomes your support and this support will incorporate meaningful community services with learning objectives, and reflects potentially even more powerful advantages for middle, high school and young and seasoned adults. You are the HELPING HANDS UP in the learning experiences, and these HELPING HANDS allow for great educational successes.

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