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ABOUT US, a faith based non profit, is bringing academic outreach programs to school districts and communities all over the world. Our heartfelt and dedicated missions are focused on working with youth, who are identified as at-risk, and 

underrepresented communities all over the world. 


Our goal is to enhance community learning missions, and to build family cohesiveness through Supplemental Educational Programs and community technology innovation missions.

These community learning missions promote and serve the interest(s) of at risk youth and their families, and with these missions successes comes academic progress and economic development expansions for the communities they serve.

Our dedicated staff and teachers help individuals enhance their careers, quality of life, and economic opportunities. These unique community partnerships prosper through community based associations with schools, parents, students, faith-based organizations, small businesses, community leaders and major corporations. 


Together your generous donations will help benefit at risk youth, families and young adults by enhancing student learning and building family cohesiveness. Through Supplemental Educational Programs, after school programs and community technology innovation programs, these underserved communities will have the opportunities to experience positive economic growth 

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